Wednesday, June 18, 2014


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Hi, stranger!

Do you ever had this feeling ? You know, when your heart is beating faster and your palm are sweater, when you're afraid to say something bad and ruining everything and when you can't stop looking at the person in front of you. And your stomach is having little party, there. Well, if you do, then you've probably been in love. ( Or you were really sick.)
And I sit in front of my window, I remembered how was my first date ( A mixed of awkward moments and spit - don't wanna talk about it-). And what now, 4years older, I would have picked. Here's what I came up with!

So the first date is probably the most important thing in a relationship. It's the first time you see the person in a private way, you guys are stuck for hours all alone. So better look the best! I personally go for the dress, it's comfortable and sexy. You can easily style! A gold or a silver necklace and it's perfect.
With black dress, the best is the use the clutch or the shoes to bring color to the look. So it's doesn't look dull.
Long, short, asymmetric dress are the basic for a first date. But make sure that what you wearing fits with your personality. No women should ever change for men.
The shoes are from " Justfab" I just love this brand because, it's not expensive and the shoes are really cool. Plus, the reality show, was funny!

Anyway, have a great day!
Sincerely, Ophélie.

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