Tuesday, June 24, 2014


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Hi, stranger!

So one of my favorite item of all time is this striped T-shirt bought right here--> net-a-porter.com. I just think that it really looks amazing and so casual, plus the "Marinière" is a classic. So it's just.. I don't know man, I just love it! Anyway, so I though finding three styles who would perfectly go with my favorite shirt!
This first one is definitely my favorite! It combine heels, boyfriend ripped jeans, and this shirt. Which means, everything I love! I didn't put any clutch or jewelries ( Because I'm not the "jewels type"). But I would definitely style it with a envelop as a bag! The others outfit are really cool too. The sandals and the brogues are the thing from the past that we bring back, that we absolutely love! I love the brogues because at the beginning it was a men thing, so to increase the " I borrowed it to boyfriend"  look, I would add a hat!
It's really cool to play with the different styles : Man, woman, hermaphrodite ( Sorry for this one). The good thing with fashion is that everyday, you can be a different character, in the different story and in the world. And I definitely like to play.

Anyway, have a great day!
Sincerely, Ophélie.

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