Sunday, June 29, 2014


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Hi stranger!

The best thing about summer is probably the fact that you finally have the time to read books, to go out with friend and actually do whatever the h*ll you want! And the best time in summer is the sale period! So here's what I'm craving for this summer!

The Chanel shoes. You've probably seen them everywhere on blogger picture or something else, you know why ? Because these shoes are amazing! I tried them once, and they were comfortable and ego-buster cause I felt like rich in it. I was so sad when I had to give them back. Saddest moment in my life, I'm still not over it. Anyway, I'm a fan on these huge bracelets that you put on arm, it look so good on anybody and we should enjoy it before it get overused!
My favorite is the KENZO shirt! I just love the original print and the pocket is really good placed. I love pockets.
Now that I realize it the items are matching, you can easily wear that outfit to road trip, or a day at the beach.

Anywaayy, have a great day!
Sincerely, Ophélie.

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