Saturday, September 20, 2014


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Hi, stranger!

We all have a Carrie Bradshaw sleeping inside of us. This is the voice you hear when you see an expensive but awesome pair of shoes. She tells you to buy it, and as you're trying to resit you notice that you already paying for it. I sold my soul for a pair of shoes, and you know what's the worst ? I have no regret, these shoes were amazing.

Ok, so there is two me. There's the one who wants to wear heels everyday, looking hot and eating light food, then there's the one who doesn't care about a lot of thing, who eat pizza and wear god damn sneakers!
So I'm fan of heels. I like how they make you look taller, and make your butt look great. If you don't usually wear colorful clothes, then wear bright color shoes! Red, pink, yellow! Everything you want, if the outfit is sober then go crazy with the shoes, baby!
Sneakers or flat are really cool too. They're comfortable and really trendy. You can easily look like a badass, I love it!
Don't forget that the vintage style is coming back, so brogues or moccasin are back!

Anyway, have a great day!
Sincerely, Ophélie.

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